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You probably downloaded the checklist because you want to learn more about gay holidays. This handy checklist will surely help you out. But what if we can also help you directly by making you a special offer? 

I want to make you this offer as you just signed-up for the newsletter and downloaded the checklist. So as a new GaySail member I'd like to personally offer this GaySail Special. As soon as you close this page the offer is gone.  

Experience  a gay sailing vacation that’s packed with terrific conditions, beautiful landscapes, historically significant ancient ruins, secluded islands, vibrant nightlife and a warm culture and terrific cuisine.

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    The ultimate gay holiday!

Hello, my name is Mark van den Eshof and it's my mission to offer wonderful gay sailing cruises.

Mark - GaySail

GaySail Special:

Use code "Sunny2019" and receive a €100,- discount

Hi there, 

Let me tell you something about my own experience with non-gay holidays..

It is difficult to get the ultimate holiday experience. Especially if you are gay.

What happened is you would end up on a trip or in a hostel with all kind of people – some not-gay and some  even hostile towards gays.

When I was single I wanted to meet like minded men in a relaxing holiday atmosphere. After I met my partner we liked to travel a lot. We both love to sail all over the world. However, joining cabin charter cruises with straight guests and straight crew was a challenge. If we just wanted to kiss each other with a romantic sunset, the other guests and crew felt uncomfortable, even if we just wanted to hold hands. 

Also, nobody understood the gay sense of humor and then these awful straight head bang music all day ☹.

In the afternoon most of the straight guys were drunk on board and frustrated they did not got laid...

Yeah.. not our idea of a relaxed and romantic holiday.

To be honest, it made me feel uneasy at times.

Sounds familiar?

After several disappointing holidays I decided things needed to change – not just for me, but also for the gay community in general.

Does the following sound familiair?

  • You are a single gay man and would like to meet other single gay men?
  • Are you tired of hanging around straight men on your holiday?
  • You just want to have a good time, without feeling embarrased or ashamed because of non-gay people around you.
  • You like to travel, meet other people and explore new places.

After several disappointing holidays I decided things needed to change – not just for me but also for the gay community in general...

As my partner and are both licensed skippers and sailing instructors, and my partner is pretty good cook as well, we decided to start our own business.

That is 30 years ago now, when I was 22 years old! We started to rent a 50 feet (15 meter) sailing yacht is Greece.

There was no internet at that time, no website, no facebook and no mobile phones, so to make promotions for our cruises, we needed to do paper advertising in gay magazines.

Luckily, our first 25 guest were extremely enthusiastic and kept coming back all the time, making promotion for us to all their friends. And that’s the best promotion you can get!

We started to sail more weeks in Greece, different Islands, and later also in Turkey and Croatia. We bought our first yachts and we hired other gay skippers and gay cooks after an intense selection and training they became members of our crew. Now we have a great team of 27 gay skippers and cooks and we sail worldwide, all year round.

The yachts got bigger and we also to use more luxury spacious air conditioned catamarans. And a lot of cruises now we sail with 2-3 boats together, so groups of 20-30 guys. Big fun!

How many holiday days do you have in a year?

Yeah, I thought so..

Your holiday is a precious moment for you. During holidays you can create amazing experiences that will last you a lifetime.

So why should you settle for less?

With a gay cruise you are surrounded by like-minded individuals. We will have an amazing time roaming the seas, exploring various places and meeting the locals. We will have a delicious dinner in a local restaurant or we have a barbecue on a beach or we dine on board in a bay underneath the starry sky.

A gay cruise with GaySail means you are going to sail for a week or two with a group of 10-30 gay boys and -men.

Sailing experience is not necessary. If you like, you can learn to sail and navigate, but you can also just lie on the front deck, soak up the sun and enjoy the sea, the nature and look out for the dolphins.
Or you can relax in the tub (the back section) with a book, music, a snack and a drink.

Sound good, right?

Trust me, once you have experience a gay cruise you wouldn’t want to have it any other way!

Luckily... we still have some spots available...

How does the following sound?

A wonderful Gay Sailing Cruise in Greece in the Saronic Gulf of Greece.

Terrific conditions, beautiful landscapes, historically significant ancient ruins, secluded islands, vibrant nightlife, a warm culture and terrific cuisine, this is the one for you! 

You will be surrounded by the beautiful bays and coves of the Saronic Gulf, with quiet villages and busy tourist destinations, historic sites and scenic beaches. The unique character of this region is reflected in the architecture of the homes and villages, as well as the castles, monasteries and churches perched high on the hilltops.

This gay sailing holiday starts in Athens. You can join for either one or two weeks.  Both weeks have a distinct itinerary with different ports, bays and islands. The first week we will visit among other the picturesque Island of Poros, the amazing Island of Hydra where are no cars but only donkey’s for transport and we will visit the old city of Monemvasia. The second week we sail from Spetses Island, visiting the great city of Navplion, the Island of Aegina with is famous temple and the world famous Epidaurus amphitheater on our way back to Athens.

Let our Gay skipper guide you over the Greek seas.

The schedule for your ultimate gay sailing cruise

Day 1: Starting from Athens you can make a great sailing voyage to some of the Islands in the Saronic and Argolic gulfs and to some small fishing villages along the coast of the Peloponnese. Boarding time starts at 5 pm. The first night we will have dinner in Plaka, the historical neighborhood of Athens, next to the Acropolis. If you like you can join us to visit the Gay bars and clubs after dinner.

Day 2: The first day we sail to the bay of Poros. There, a white village steps up the hillside. Moored along the quay, you will soon notice that this little town has more to offer than taverns and souvenirs. Every morning the horn sounds from the nearby navy barracks. If you are lucky you will see the Greek naval cadets getting off the ferry, returning from their leave.

Day 3: The island of Hydra is an artist’s colony. Old merchant houses cover the hills overlooking the harbor and car traffic is prohibited. Everything is transported from the ships to the houses by mule and donkeys.

Day 4: Today a great sail to Leonidion. A small fishing village next to huge mountains with a great pebble beach. We will have dinner in the local tavern of Michael and Margaret. We can visit the local monastery hanging on a cliff and see the famous historical Icons.

Day 5: Monemvasia. Often referred to as the “Gibraltar of Greece,” Monemvasia is a visual showcase of Byzantine, Turkish, and Venetian history dating back to the 13th century. It is worthwhile to clime the steep zigzag path that leads up and up, out of the lower town, to the ruins of the fortified upper town, and sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea

Day 6: Kiparesi is a small fishing villages The water in this bay is so clear that you can see the bottom. These villages are surrounded by high mountains and are nearly impossible to reach by land. There are hardly any tourists and the villages have a simplicity of life that is hard to find elsewhere in modern Greece.

Day 7: The next day’s sail will bring you to the island of Spetses, were the wooden fishing boats that are so characteristic of Greece are built. This rich island was the birth place of Boubalina, the woman who liberated Greece from the rule of Venice.

Day 8: Disembark for the guys who stay just one week and return by ferry to Athens. For the guys who stay: Day off for sightseeing on the beautiful Island of Spetses. Take a taxi boat to a beach, rent a (motor) bike or go for shopping.

This itinerary is subject to change. Local circumstances such as weather may influence the itinerary.

The number #1 mistake that 90% of gay people make...

How many more holidays will you spent surrounded by non-gay people? 

Let's not waste anymore of your precious holidays - it's time for your ultimate holiday!

What is your investment?

The GaySail Special: Athens-Hydra-Spetses includes:

  • Accommodation on a spacious luxury sailing yacht or catamaran (worth €1055)
  • Service of a gay skipper (worth €525)
  • Service of a gay cook (worth €475)
  • Breakfast and lunch (worth €35)
  • Soft drink (worth €15)
  • Port dues, taxes, cleaning and fuel (worth €150)

Instead of asking €2.255,- for this cruise we can now offer the GaySail Special: Athens-Hydra-Spetses for only €1495,-

How can we offer so much for this price? 

Well, we want to give as many people the time of their lives! As you can imagine we do make a lot of costs; our personnel has to be paid and the yacht or catamaran needs to be seaworthy, provisions have to be bought. As such, we’d like to lower our prices, but this would also drastically reduce our level of service. We aim to give you the best gay holiday of your life!

How much would it be worth to you to meet new gay people while having a blast?

I urge you to reach out to me so we can either help you find the perfect cruise for you, or we can even discuss options for an exclusive gay cruise – tailored to your wishes.

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GaySail Special: Athens-Hydra-Spetses

GaySail Special: Athens-Hydra-Spetses

Use code "Sunny2019" and receive a €100,- discount

Frequently asked questions

I have never been on a sailing boat and I don’t know how to sail. 

Cruising on a ship is probably not my cup of tea.

I am afraid to go all by myself. 

A sailing cruise must be very expensive.

Mark van den Eshof
Amstel 18
1017 AA Amsterdam


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